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Embracing the lean startup philosophy.


Many startups are victims of poor planning and inefficient development processes that prevent them from being lean, receive the funding they seek, and launch successful products.

Smart. Efficient. Beautiful. Our work embraces these elements.

Everything we do here is about innovative web and mobile products that are built on the latest technologies while using best practices and lean methods.


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startup webdesign
“In a startup, both the problem and solution are unknown.”
Eric Ries


MVP or Minimum Viable Product, is a strategy for product development to market and test web applications quickly and efficiently.

We are an interactive agency that helps organizations produce prototypes, MVPs, full fledged applications and APIs.

We work with clients to plan, develop, and launch products efficiently through agile methodologies.

Specializing in web and mobile applications development in Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Symfony2, Zend, Ruby, Python, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry, Phonegap, and HTML5.


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startup webdesign
“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else”
Eric Ries


Execution is the main reason why most startup accelerators and investors alike require capable teams. Unfortunately, not all are able to bring technical co-founders from the beginning.

vLamp partners with startups and firms seeking to be lean from inception forward helping them launch MVPs, websites and mobile applications that are visible, brighter, leaner.


mobile applications training

Provides training and consulting to startups on topics such as agile development and product management.

social media marketing plans

Monthly subscription plans for digital marketing services to drive traffic to web destinations.


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startup webdesign
“Organizations are successful because of good implementation,
not good business plans.”
Guy Kawasaki


Whether you are marketing manager, an IT director, or are seeking a tech co-founder to partner with you, we're here to help.

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